Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Final eval...

For the third and final eval
I feel as though I have done A work. I have blogged more than the required number and been techniqual and in depth with most of them. I have kept up on commenting however I havent done as many as in the past. I also feel that for the class overall I have done A work. I ha ve not missed a class, I have participated in every class. I feel that for the class overall that blooging should be less of the grade and maybe in the future do more video posts or other forms of communicating so that if there are students that do not enjoy blogging or have a hard time with it they have a good chance to make up some points they may have lost. I alos feel that the while the BP presentations were good to do, maybe have varying topics so students can potentially make a presentation on something they feel comfortable with and so that the class gets a variety instead of just one topic. Overall the class wasn't bad but I feel like it was more focused on ideas to put in the blog instead of communicating science as a whole. I did enjoy the couple of open class discussions we had it is always interesting to me to see where the conversation will go when there are several view points and forms of communication people use. This concludes the blog and followed the close out to the readers that we were asked to write.

On a side note I havent recieved a grade for the video blog yet and look forward to hearing from you on how I did.


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